The Tiger’s Tail Duster Keeps Dust In It’s Place!

The Tiger’s Tail duster is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At



The Tiger’s Tail duster is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At


Tiger’s Tail Duster Review

The Tiger's Tail Electrostatic Microfibers Trap Dust And Dirt!

The Tiger’s Tail Electrostatic Microfibers Trap Dust And Dirt!

We live in a Swiffer world folks. A world where we have been trained to buy disposable dusting supplies. But not to long ago there was a time when we lived in a world where dusters were dusters and they only had to be bought once! One such product from those days was the classic electrostatic duster. And today’s product review is an updated version of the static duster called the Tiger’s Tail.

The Tiger’s Tail duster combines electrostatic fibers with cloth microfibers to create a duster that attracts AND holds dirt and dust. And with the telescoping handle and bendable core allow you to reach all the hard to get to places around your home.

When purchased from the official Tiger’s Tail website you get a total of 2 Tiger’s Tail Dusters and 2 mini dusters for a total price of $25.90. (IMPORTANT! Make sure to have the quantity listed as one at the top of the order form or you will be charged for more than one set.)

The Tiger’s Tail duster performed nicely when it was tested. I was able to reach and clean in several hared to reach places such as under my refrigerator and stove as well as the top of my living room ceiling fan. And the mini Tiger’s Tail dusters did a great job with general dusting duties.

After putting the Tiger’s Tail dusters through the paces we cleaned them out by rubbing them against each other outside. (Having to clean out the dusters after several uses was our only aggravation in using this product.)

All in all, the Tiger’s Tail duster worked pretty well as a telescoping duster and would recommend a buy for anyone who needs to dust effectively in hard to reach areas. Will it completely replace my Swiffer duster? No, but it has definitely earned a place in my cleaning closet!



Tiger’s Tail Duster Product Information

This smart duster attracts and holds dust with every swipe!

  • Always full and fluffy so there are no protruding metal bits to scratch or damage furniture
  • The secret is the two different fibers woven throughout the duster
  • Long flexible fibers make it easy to dust under the fridge, in between cracks and crevices or under the entertainment system
  • Gives you a dust free, polished looking surface with just one wipe
  • No more cleaning chemicals or aerosols

  • Offer Details: During this special introductory offer, you’ll receive one large and one mini Tiger’s Tail™ duster for just $10.00 plus $7.95 processing and handling! The mini Tiger’s Tail™ duster is ideal for computer keyboards, the car dash, and even inside candle holders and vases. And that’s not all: Order right now, and we’ll double the order, just pay $7.95 separate processing and handling. You’ll get 2 large and 2 mini Tiger’s Tail™ dusters for just $10! 30 day money-back guarantee (less p&h). Sales tax may apply. Allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Additional $10 p&h for delivery outside of the continental US.

    The Tiger’s Tail duster is no longer available. CLICK HERE To Shop For Similar Items At

    What are YOUR thoughts about the Tiger’s Tail Duster? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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