The Waving Flag Commercial As Seen On TV

The Product: The Waving Flag

The Promoter: Blue Banana Group

The Promise: “Honor America Everyday – Proudly Show Your Patriotism!”

The Total Price: One Waving Flag with bonus Liberty Coin for A grand total of $35.85

The Waving Flag Product Information

Show off your patriotic pride!

Show off your patriotic pride!

The Waving Flag is essentially a desk sized battery operated American Flag that also plays 2 different songs! (The Star Spangled Banner and My Country tis of Thee.) The Waving Flag is made and printed in the USA and comes with a bonus Liberty Coin when ordered.

Should Nick and I order and review The Waving Flag? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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33 comments on “The Waving Flag Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. Mine2fish says:

    Rejoice with the flag, and show our troops who we are!

  2. ScherzodeLeon says:

    is this……… serious?

  3. humza raza says:

    Lol screw America

  4. Jamie Murphy says:

    Er… OK then.

  5. Lily Bart says:

    This could be a spoof.

  6. shesgoingslightlymad says:

    This is a republican dream.

  7. Pensfan8726 says:


  8. Lucy Belcher says:

    My county tis of the is basically a bad version of the British national anthem ????

  9. derrick do says:


  10. MythicalBeastGirl says:

    I would buy it if it played murica l

  11. StardustGal says:

    This patriotism makes me cringe.

  12. Yana And Ilona says:

    I think I’ll buy a flag for $20 for outside my house and a big one

  13. Anna Simpson says:

    This is hilarious

  14. Chely Gonzalez says:


  15. Chely Gonzalez says:

    “GET THIS LIMITED EDITION COLLECTOR’S SPOOF! just pay processing.”This is the most American product ever. I love it! Lmaooo

  16. Gnatalie Not says:

    Can I program it to play this?

  17. FlyingOverTr0ut says:

    As seen on the innernette.

  18. Witch Hammer says:

    5/5 bretty gud :DDDDDDD

  19. uncommonvolta says:

    I like how it mutes, so that guy can have a coherent cell phone conversation about his stupid purchase decision.

  20. Josholca says:

    Hahaha! My dad would love this shit!

  21. agusrum94 says:

    So tasteless.and why do most american commercials have that fucking voice?

  22. Sad Pepe says:

    dog bles ameriga :DDDDDDDDD

  23. LanceCplThomas says:

    Their is no better way to show you’re an American then by buying a cheap, plastic, piece of shit.

  24. Yog Sothoth says:

    Wait, hold the phone, is that music God save the Queen?

  25. mrzoozilla says:

    “To remind everyone, what it means to be an American” Apparently owning a cheap self waving flag is what it means to be an American

  26. manny2189 says:

    The flag is waving the wrong way…

  27. Haley Brockman says:

    I’d give this as a gag gift to my mom.

  28. natedoggcata says:

    ‘MURICA!: the product

  29. MrZRACER says:

    “batteries included” what a time to be alive!

  30. toy king says:

    I have that

  31. joey Numbnutz says:

    It’s a piece of fucking shit. Ordered two and both broken. Flag wound not wave and music skipped. Made in China fucking garbage !

  32. Glitchy_The_Ghost says:

    Ah yes, because all of America is represented by a $20 miniature flag that will most likely be thrown out the day after you receive it. Pfftt, silly Declaration of Independence.

  33. BtLn says:

    a FREE One Trillion Dollar coin? 0:55 what a steal

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