Thermal Aid Zoo Animals Soothes Bumps And Bruises With Hot Or Cold Relief!




Thermal Aid Zoo Animals Review

Nothing breaks a parent’s heart like seeing their child hurting with a cut, bump, or bruise. wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to bring even more comfort to your little one then just an ice pack or heating pad?

Luckily there’s Thermal Aid Zoo Animals! Thermal Aid Zoo Animals are essentially corn filled plush animals that can be microwaved or frozen to provide the heating and cooling that your child will love! and what makes it even more exciting is that you can choose from over 7 different Thermal Aid Zoo Animals. There’s Baxter Bunny, Happy Hippo, Tiny Elephant, Ollie Koala, Buckley Bear, Jo Jo Monkey, or Bella Bear.

When you place your order for your Thermal Aid Zoo Animal, you’ll get one animal for $14.95 + $7.95 S&P, plus a bonus animal of your choice for an additional $7.95 S&P for a grand total of $30.85.

Thermal Aid Zoo Animals work just like any other corn filled heating/cooling pad. for heat, simply microwave for a few moments and for cold, simply freeze for a few hours. (When we bought ours, we bought 2 of the same animal and keep one in the freezer and one ready to microwave.)

Overall, we thought the Thermal Aid Zoo Animals were a great idea and highly recommend them for anyone who has little one’s that need a little extra comfort when they get hurt!

What are YOUR thoughts about Thermal Aid Zoo Animals? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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42 comments on “Thermal Aid Zoo Animals Soothes Bumps And Bruises With Hot Or Cold Relief!
  1. zebra2791 says:

    i have an earache let me hold a stuffed animal up to my ear!

  2. HTFsplendid says:

    will it cure cancer?

  3. Erthkwake says:

    No Reddit Army comments yet?

  4. GentlyAbusive1 says:

    When dies the narwhal bacon?

  5. GentlyAbusive1 says:


  6. huguan86 says:

    I make the like bar even 3-3

  7. NoWhereman4444 says:

    Now I made it even, 5-5.

  8. SamuraiRed159 says:

    Yea cuz this doesn’t tell ur.child to out the cat in the microwave!! Stupid fuckin products!!

  9. SamuraiRed159 says:

    So its now safe to put animals in the microwave and freezer!? Hmm bad product, horrible commercial! Sends a bad message!

  10. ShoutxItxLoud says:

    I highly doubt this is going to teach kids to put animals in the freezer or microwave. I had things like this when I was younger and did I put my pets in kitchen appliances? No. Jesus people, the parents would probably even explain that you can’t do that to actual animals.

  11. frumpy4 says:

    7-7 now. :)

  12. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    total fail. Shows kids to put animals in the microwave and..WHO WOULD HUG CORN?!?!

  13. jazzysadler says:

    Your children are pussies.

  14. Kyrin Sturdivant says:

    thermal aid zoo aminals is filled with corn!!!! Yay!!

  15. Alyssa Heart says:

    OMG ANIMAL CRUELTY! XD My sister and I burst out laughing when they put the toy in the microwave.

  16. Luis Navarro says:

    if it has corn in it and u put it in the microwave isnt tha popcorn?

  17. Dean dilan says:

    instead of giving a ban aid or medicine they would rather give a doll Just wow

  18. jujutsu70able says:

    Why would anybody want to give your child a radiated to ,that’s the answer more ways to give your child cancer ,great !

  19. Mcburgerdennyfatkid says:

    Why disinfect it when you could throw a stuffed animal in a microwave and give it to your kid.

  20. flamebunny700 says:

    your kid has a broken leg, back infection, and rashy arms? Just give them the thermalaid!

  21. Gionel messi says:

    plan retarted

  22. CTRICKS17 says:

    This is the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen.

  23. Yeocontime4 says:

    Does it cure STD’s or HIV? It would help alot

  24. Yeocontime4 says:

    Yea it helps light my blunts man

  25. Laverne H. Frost says:

    I’ve never tried this thermal aid plush toys. But my kids would love it. Both the young & the older but wiser folks…like myself. Can use this product.

  26. smaykoontz says:

    What is with this generation?

  27. Nate KVideos says:

    Realy recking a scooter getting a brush burn on a slide wow that realy realy hurts the attention these days

  28. Joshua William Gibson says:

    Just wait till children start putting their puppies and cats in the microwave.

  29. fashioytofhv says:

    wat its filled with corn so if im ever starving and i need food im just gonna open up my thermal aid and eat it

  30. Masongunmaster43 says:

    What the actual fuck.

  31. iluvBrenda001 says:

    Wtf XD

  32. iluvBrenda001 says:

    And Everyday BoBo XD

  33. agutierrez382 says:

    Wdf Its corn!?!?! I would just eat da dam thing and When I’m hungry I can refill it SMART

  34. ariellewilliams30 says:

    Weird cuz when i waz a kid and got a bobo i got a bandaid…

  35. Kyrin Sturdivant says:

    I love this hilarious commercial it finally reveals the truth that every kid would love to hug a stuffed animal that’s filled with corn! I think i’d be great to take my stuffed animal out of the fridge and have it smell exactly like mom’s home-made left over lasagne. So “Kudos to you”! Thermal-Aid for making me something that i will cherish for the rest of my life!

  36. MMMStudios1000 says:

    I was just thinking the same thing.

  37. KimCheeTalk says:

    So when a child gets sick or gets injured, I just have to get them this and they are all better? Wow…and I was using medicine and first aid this whole time. I feel like such an idiot…

  38. theoncommingdrizzle says:

    It’s an interesting product, and a decent commercial, but can anyone explain how the kid going down the slide at 0:09 got hurt?

  39. Stephen Smith says:

    Attention if your child has used a thermal aid zoo animal and now suffers from microwave cancer. Please call 1 800 our bad. That’s 1 800 our bad. Thank you.

  40. Jinxysroom says:

    When you show young children its ok to put stuffed animals in microwaves, it sends a bad message to put any animal in microwave, i thought this was a joke commercial at first, this is just sad

  41. SketchyTree Hates Youtube says:


  42. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    That shit isn’t soft it is filled with corn. Do you think that would be soft and cuddly?!

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