This Veggetti Commercial Had Me Cringing!


I love the crazier side of As Seen On TV. There is something magical about turning on the TV and getting broadsided by a wacky product commercial like this Veggetti contraption! The Veggetti is a specially designed slicer that allows you to cut zucchini and Squash to look like spaghetti noodles. Being a person who dislikes the taste of zucchini and squash for that matter, I think I’ll be taking a pass on trying this one out! But for those who might like such a thing, I’ve included the commercial and screenshots below:


What are YOUR thoughts about Veggetti? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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37 comments on “This Veggetti Commercial Had Me Cringing!
  1. VulpineVixen85 says:

    Can you get this in the UK?

  2. Co?zEb?Yz says:


  3. simlover00 says:

    this is stupid. who would want to eat veggi strips instead of pasta????

  4. mayhudson says:

    but i want pasta

  5. Jenny Jan says:

    I hate zucchini. Shout out to pasta.

  6. ??? ?? says:

    how long until it dulls and you cant sharpen it and must discard it?

  7. Babs Seed says:

    Vegeta’s Spaghetti

  8. Gladisaurisrex says:

    …..meat sauce….

  9. ShellyDarlingg says:

    put…put your dick in it..

  10. Stumble48 says:

    I think I will stick with plain pasta.

  11. shizalomnoporopozu! says:

    It’s probably worth half that price.

  12. Kayla Quphei says:

    Oddly enough I want it…

  13. noah49251 says:

    I DONT CARE! ( that’s what he said )

  14. rusPiglets says:

    Veggetti! What does the scouts says about those vegetables?

  15. skwisgaar16 says:

    So, can I stick my dick in it?

  16. noah49251 says:

    I hate it

  17. ZwinkiePlaysRoblox says:

    now i want pasta

  18. ZwinkiePlaysRoblox says:

    with no veggies

  19. glitzandglamgal bieber says:

    do you HAVE to use a zucchini??????????

  20. YerTypicalFur says:

    ….I’d guess not…

  21. Alessandra McCutcheon says:

    It’s called parmegano or parmehian

  22. wcgold says:

    I…I think I actually want this. I love zucchini and squash, and I love pasta.

  23. PleaseLoveMyTumblr says:

    I read this like “VAGINABOUT IT!”

  24. Mattison Brinker says:

    It’s like a Vegetable sharpener.

  25. Lord Voldemort says:

    you can also use your dick

  26. ilovecookies says:

    I wouldn’t mind trying this. I have made courgette spaghetti before but it was fiddly.

  27. ilovecookies says:

    They don’t ship this to the UK. Unfair.

  28. James Tomlin says:

    ….as someone who juices regularly~just no

  29. 1monsieur says:

    fiooouuuuu dishwasher safe…….love it……

  30. rodhatte says:

    Not ONE, but TWO!!! So that one can collect dust in the back of the cupboard, while the other is collecting dust in the attic!

  31. julia says:

    i want one my gradsons would have a lot of fun eatig their carrots and cucumbers in strips that look like spaghetti :)

  32. WLG says:

    How does one use a Potato with this device, Since the Potato’s diameter is larger
    than the opening of the Veggetti? If the Potato is Round, which many of them are,
    does that mean you’ve got to cut it to fit? Just how does that work?????

  33. Jo says:

    To: WLG – I don’t think you could use a potato in these. A potato isn’t usually a vegetable that you eat raw. If you cooked it to remove that raw taste it would be too soft to hold together. All of the vegetables that I have seen in products like these are ones that can be either eaten raw, parboiled, or fully cooked.

  34. Joe says:

    I LOVE SPAGHETTI! So when somebody gave me this as a gift, I was very skeptical that it would taste not like spaghetti, but like julienned vegetables with sauce on it…boy was I in for a surprise! I put 3 zucchinis through the Vegetti thin cut and I then picked up the “noodles” and I was surprised by how spaghetti-like they were and they were long “noodles”, not just pieces. When you use the Vegetti, the seeds of the zucchini get thrown out the other end and there is also a big piece of the vegetable left over at the end that you cant grind because it is too short so I threw away the seeds and then cut up this leftover piece into chunks and added the chunks to the “noodles” to make “meatballs.” Next, I stuck the “noodles and meatballs” in boiling water for 2 minutes and 15 seconds…drained, then put it on a plate and spooned on my favorite spaghetti sauce then added some parmesan cheese. I had before me a big plate of Vegetti “spaghetti.” Now the real test, I dug in with my fork and twirled the noodles on my spoon like I do with normal spaghetti. To my surprise, it rolled around my fork just like real spaghetti! The first bite I was shocked to find that it actually is pretty close to taking a bite of real spaghetti both in texture and pretty close to taste. One could argue that it is better tasting than spaghetti…I know, I know, but I recommend you try it to see for yourself. Anyway, then I ate the whole plate…it was delicious!!! Honestly, this is an EXCELLENT replacement for spaghetti especially if you are on a diet like me. I have since had quite a few plates of this Veggeti “spaghetti.” I FRICKING LOVE THIS THING! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I am seriously not a spokesperson for this product, I really thought it was going to be crap, but it is great…I just wish they had an electric version you could plug in because my wrist gets pretty tired after 3 zucchinis. Would hate to get carpal tunnel from a Veggetti…lol. Oh, and it is easy to clean!

  35. I like the veggetti I would like phone number for contact

  36. Terry says:

    I love this thing!! I used zucchini. I made a dressing with balsamic vinegar, a little olive oil, garlic salt and pepper. I added some cherry tomatoes, cashews and feta cheese. I invited a couple of girlfriends to join me for lunch. They loved it as much as I do.

  37. Rachel says:

    I have used mine several times a week since I bought it. Still sharp, easy to clean and store. I love zucchini salads, so it’s perfect for me.

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