Total Pillow

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The Total Pillow is is a multi adjustable pillow that can be twisted into 5 distinct configurations. This offer comes with 2 Total pillows, 2 total compresses, and 2 fleece compress covers.

Total Pillow Benefits

  • The Total Pillow can be quickly locked into position for immediate comfort.

  • The ergonomic design makes long car rides or a day at the office a snap.

  • Support your ankles, neck, knees or
    anywhere You need total comfort.

  • Does the Total Pillow really work or is it a scam?

    Our testing has shown that the Total Pillow works exactly as advertised. We were able to quickly change the pillow to various configurations with ease and we found this item to be comfortable and versatile.

    Total Pillow Complaints

    Like all popular products that are sold on television, the Total Pillow has had some complaints. The few complaints that we could find dealt with some people feeling the product took longer to ship than they would have liked. (It should be noted that the sales site states that orders ship in 4-6 weeks time.)

    Total Pillow Customer Comments

    “I purchased the two for one and received them in about 2 weeks and I love them. My only regret is not purchasing the large ones as well.”

    – Stephanie

    ” I actually took Total Pillow over to my friends house tonight, she could not believe that I was not wiggling around in my chair to find a comfortable position! I love it! I hinted around to my friends that I would love a few more so I can keep one home and one in my car. THANK YOU TOTAL PILLOW!”

    – Susan

    Total Pillow Guarantee

    The Total Pillow comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. (Minus shipping and handling.)

    Click here to buy the Total Pillow

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