Tuff Wallet – Lame Commercial But Great Product!



Excerpts from the Tuff Wallet web site…

The Tuff wallet is virtually indestructable and thinner than a standard wallet.

Truely eco-friendly, 100% recycleable, 25% post consumer, tear resistant, water-resistant, innovative, expandable design.

Available in the following 4 styles:
– Black Leather
– Diamond cut
– Hello Kitty
– Brown Camo

Looking for a thinner wallet?

suffer from back pain?

Your search is over!

Many doctors say that the best way to alleviate back pain is to thin out your wallet by removing cash, unneeded cards, and receipts. By doing so, you’ll put less pressure on the sciatic nerve and your back.

The Tuff Wallet is the solution!

The Tuff Wallet is 4x thinner than a regular wallet.

Our thoughts on the Tuff Wallet

First off, the 20 second spot for this product absolutely sucks! But please don’t confuse the commercial with the product as the Tuff Wallet is a pretty sweet!

This is essentially a similar product to the Mighty Wallet, but with different designs.

The material used to make these wallets really is super strong, and it tends to stay strong over the life of the wallet.

One of the benefits listed in the web site that I had not thought of was the ability of a thinner wallet to help ease sciatic nerve and back pain.

If you are looking for a trendy but durable wallet that will carry what you need without a lot of bulk then the Tuff Wallet is for you!

What are YOUR thoughts about the Tuff Wallet? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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7 comments on “Tuff Wallet – Lame Commercial But Great Product!
  1. Tolga tq says:

    I still don’t understand. Which one is fat, which one is skinny?

  2. jumpstyleftw says:

    Was this aired on TV?

  3. simlover00 says:

    what is the point of this?

  4. Jacob A. says:

    The joke for this is so obvious I don’t even want to make it.

  5. Sarcastix7 says:

    “My wallet didn’t rip but my money’s in bits”

  6. Tara Hollis says:

    What was the point of the other guy being there?

  7. DarkPatro56 says:

    Probably the lowest budget commercial so far. Hard to find these

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