Tummy Stuffers Make Cleaning And Organizing Fun For Kids!

Our thoughts about Tummy Stuffers:

The As Seen On TV specialty plush animal invasion continues with the addition of Tummy Stuffers! Much like the similarly named Stuffies, Tummy Stuffers are all about hiding and storing items. (By the way, the commercial does an outstanding job of showing this with it’s clever use of time lapse sequences.)

As with many of the ASOTV plush animals your child can choose from 6 wacky animals to stuff full of whatever they want to fill it with. And if you have a need there are even super sized Tummy Stuffers available!

Overall, we really like Tummy Stuffers as a fun way for kids to hide, store, or organize their stuff. Whether you have a little one that needs a bit of organizing or just want the kids to have a little bit of fun then Tummy Stuffers are for you!

Excerpts from the official Tummy Stuffers website…

Tummy Stuffers soft animal storage keep kids’ stuff organized & put away. Use our fun Tummy Stuffers to quickly tidy up and put stuff away in bedrooms & playrooms.

Does your child have a hard time finding places for their hats, blankets, toys, and more? Tummy Stuffers is the plush storage pal that will encourage your child to have fun while putting their stuff away. Choose from 6 adorable Tummy Stuffers; monkey, ladybug, dog, unicorn, gator, and kitty.

When ordering today, you will receive one Tummy Stuffer Character for just $19.99 + $8.99 S&H, and receive a matching Mini Tummy Stuffer for FREE!

*State tax will be added to orders for: AR, CA, MN, NJ, NY, SC & TX.
** A $10 Shipping Charge will be added for orders to: HI, AK, VI, PR, GUAM, and CANADA.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

What are YOUR thoughts about Tummy Stuffers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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63 comments on “Tummy Stuffers Make Cleaning And Organizing Fun For Kids!
  1. Jordan Brown says:


  2. George Valdez says:


  3. Lincoln Petrick says:

    the giant ones ate the little ones……Canabilisim

  4. scout testro says:

    The minuet I saw this ad I yelled “I WANT ONE KNOW” at first my mum was mad. She saw the ad says “YOUR GETTING ON” I start running around screaming

  5. AdventureWetpaint says:

    It’s time to VORE IT UP

  6. I am trying to order one for delivery to Australia … None of the links seem to accept an Australian address.

    Plz send me a link on how I can purchase one of these from Australia.


  7. pokemon930305 says:

    According to the Chinese, cats ARE yummy!

  8. NoodlezAndKupKakez says:

    If you put trash in it, it’s gonna get dirty as shit in there

  9. Decembirth says:

    I need this, for reasons.

  10. TheBlueeyedammtz says:

    i seat in the huge one… do they really have to say yummy after each line

  11. RMajick says:

    Fucking hate how I get this add on my YT all the time

  12. whipcream202 says:

    this is a lazy way of doing things but it helps eh.

  13. bexstar14rf says:

    Then dont put rubbish in it noodle

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