Urine Gone As Seen On TV Commercial

The Product: Urine Gone

The Promise: “For pet or people accidents!”

The Total Price: $9.88 + tax via Walmart.com

Urine Gone Product Information

Urine Gone is a special spray with enzymes that completely eliminates the stain and smell of urine. Urine Gone can be used on pet and people stains alike. (I personally love the fact that it is fast acting as well!)

What are YOUR thoughts about Urine Gone? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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10 comments on “Urine Gone As Seen On TV Commercial
  1. Gab TheBasher says:


  2. Jamie Murphy says:

    Kind of reminds me of one of the spoof ads featured in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’, and yes it involves a cleaner.

  3. Morgan Bennett says:


  4. Mine2fish says:

    Mighty Putty music?

  5. Kyle Richoux says:

    This’ll be perfect for when I wet my bed

  6. Nathaniel G says:

    Not the best name for the product!!!!!

  7. Magyar Attila says:

    you really have to spray it 18 times, to make it disappear? :D 0:18

  8. melissa russell says:

    Call Jackson galaxy he’ll know what to do but if its a dog problem call Cesar millan.

  9. Patryk Wieczorek says:

    This name… seriously?

  10. ed young says:

    I’m sorry, but I was wondering if I can never hear the phrase “appetite for urine” ever again?

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