Will Destiny Candles Make Your Dreams Come True?

Destiny Candles are no longer available. Click Here To Shop For Similar Items



Destiny Candles are no longer available. Click Here To Shop For Similar Items


What Are Destiny Candles?

“On a trip to Arizona I met a shaman who gave me two crystals and asked me what I wanted to create in my life in the New Year. I said my wish was to find my soul mate and for my candle business to be successful. He told me to carry the crystals with me at all times and they would help activate my intentions and attract more quickly what I wished for in my life. He explained to me that the crystals are high vibration stones that have potent energy which can create extraordinary change in your life. If they are within your auric field they will give off constant crystal energy. Crystals are considered highly sacred and powerful and have been used since the dawn of ancient civilization. Crystals then and crystals now are used as aids in physical, emotional, spiritual healing and manifestation.
To my surprise, I returned home and shortly after met my soul mate! Sharing my good fortune, I began placing these crystals in my natural massage oil candles. Seeing overwhelming positive transformations in my customers, my business grew beyond my wildest dreams.”

– Destiny Candle Creator

Destiny Candles Benefits

  • 100% All Natural Ingredients
  • Melts to create luxurious & soothing massage oil
  • Beautiful intention crystal revealed to make an exciting bracelet
  • Each candle is carefully handcrafted
  • Scented with Natural Essential Oils

  • Types Of Destiny Candles

    There are different Destiny Candles for different desires. Each candle pairs intention crystals with complimentary essential oils that work together to engage all of your senses.

  • Love/Sex

    This crystal activates your intention, bringing passion into your love life.

  • Weight Loss

    This crystal activates your intention, helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

  • Wealth

    This crystal activates your intention, providing you with financial abundance.

  • Stress Relief

    This crystal activates your intention, bringing you a clear state of mind and eliminating all stress.

  • Beauty

    This crystal activates your intention, revealing your inner beauty and youth.

  • Good Luck

    This crystal activates your intention, bringing positive energy into all aspects of your life.

  • Energy / Uplifting

    This crystal activates your intention, uplifting your body into a positive state of well-being.

  • Destiny Candles Offer Details

    When ordering your Destiny Candle today, you will receive one or more of our amazing essential oil massage candles each with it’s own unique intention, semi-precious pre-drilled stone and string to create a beautiful bracelet all for $29.95 +$6.95 S&P.
    Must be 18 years old to order.
    Applicable sales tax will be applied to all orders shipped to California.

    Destiny Candles Customer Service And Return Policy

    Customer Service: (877) 369-2380 8AM to 8PM (EST)
    Hours: 5AM – 5PM (PST).

    30-Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S&H). Return via USPS to address listed below. Please include your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address inside the return package when returning your item.

    Destiny Candles are no longer available. Click Here To Shop For Similar Items

    What are YOUR thoughts about Destiny Candles? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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    36 comments on “Will Destiny Candles Make Your Dreams Come True?
    1. thon993 says:

      She has been deceived…

    2. Paris Noelle says:


    3. tigershark132 says:

      The amount of bullshit.

    4. Regan Daniels says:

      Yes because crystals help you lose weight and meet the man of your dreams….not

    5. EaRenDeL says:

      I feel sorry for women trying to proof they are not stupid with examples like these.

    6. YoZgatBoi says:

      Examples what you find in the Crystals:Meth, piss, LSD, sweat, water and bullshit

    7. BauhausCure says:

      “I’m a single mom, so I’m going to hop in the car and go on a trip”

    8. gpburr says:

      “energy” “crystals”heh.. grade “A” bullshit! do people really buy into this garbage?

    9. Daniel M'bele says:

      what a load of crap, dont make her rich of this shit

    10. eternalypissed says:

      this is actually very creative, a candle that melts into a massage oil and when it’s done you have a piece of jewelry

    11. Laura Te Aho White says:

      Everything is terrible

    12. Directx45000 says:

      Ah yes, lucky for you I have a crystal for both those exact purposes! That will be 350 euro please.

    13. geral spiee says:

      30.00$ for a candle?! I do a diy version that cost 5.00$

    14. lindsey meza says:

      5 dallor ok

    15. Tinkltinklburger says:

      Bull shit

    16. Jacoby Phoenix says:

      A pretty woman had a crystal and hoped to meet a cute guy and it happened! It’s magic! I’m sure it had nothing to do with her being attractive…

    17. John Paul says:

      I believe her I should know I’m a master in witchcraft

    18. azntranc3951 says:

      So if someone besides you tells me your story, then I shouldn’t believe it? What makes you so special that whatever you say is believable???Ladies and gents, I think she’s been sniffin’ the ‘oil’ for a bit too long…

    19. bummaggots says:

      Oh I love it when people talk about crystals, and then ENERGY FIELDS. You can’t see it, but it’s there hahahahaha. Fuck off.

    20. skwisgaar16 says:

      I’m not defending this video but air isn’t visible but it exists.

    21. phDexterable says:

      What is this now??? Big Fish or an infomercial about candles?????

    22. Brittany Phillips says:

      I like the idea of a candle massage oil and getting a piece of jewelry.

    23. time903 says:

      I actually believe this. I mean, I believe that every stone has their own unique energy and if you have them on you, their energy helps you.

    24. g00fygooberproducts says:

      I’d buy them

    25. roqsanda says:

      The wax in the Candles, or if it is also part of the Massage Oil ?IS is a plant-based Organic product (such as waxes & oils) ?Good idea

    26. roqsanda says:

      OK I just saw this on your Website ~Destiny Candles Benefits100% All Natural IngredientsMelts to create luxurious & soothing massage oilBeautiful intention crystal revealed to make an exciting braceletEach candle is carefully handcraftedScented with Natural Essential Oils

    27. tianna2578 says:

      I believe her, however, I think it’s a shame she’s making a profit off of something a medicine man gave her. I hope she shared a little more than a story with him.

    28. Joel jack says:

      You need Jesus Christ. Not crystals. Not some witchdoctor. You are falling into deception. Follow Jesus Christ and be saved.

    29. Joel jack says:

      You need to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ. Your witchcraft is powerless in the face of Jesus.

    30. Siti Muliani says:


    31. DuoSigma says:

      “if some one said this to me, i… would probably think it wasnt true. but it is.” right. i think she just sort of signed her own death wish on this product, it doesnt look popular. and she doesnt seem to be attracting any attention what so ever, maybe she lost her attention seeking crystals.

    32. DeoxysDNA says:

      Seems neat for people who are into this spiritual kind of stuff. Though if you aren’t you’ll probably think it’s BS lol

    33. Rosaila magnolia says:

      look this repent Jesus think is for close minds let me tell you something you dont want to know religion is to control you at the end of the day you have no clue Jesus is not and never will be the only path so pipe it you only fear what you dont know and you can only handle what your willing to understand i glad for her candles

    34. MissSwaggaLovesYou says:

      That’s demonic energy! Won’t ever buy these.

    35. soldierbot says:

      I’ll buy two and send you one. :)

    36. Jordzy says:

      I’m Christian and the Christians in the comment section of this video are wrong. Crystals are not demonic people CALM DOWN

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