Wonder Wax Makes Hair Removal Pain Free!



Wonder Wax Product Information

Wonder Wax, your personal salon quality hair removal system right at home! As seen on TV. Special Double Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Order Today!

Wonder Wax is the amazing new wax treatment that is designed to remove body hair without the pain and irritation of traditional waxing. The secret is that it sticks to hair, not skin, so you receive salon quality smooth, glowing skin in the comfort of your own home. When you order Wonder Wax today for just $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping, we’ll also include a second Wonder Wax set for FREE, just pay the separate processing and handling of $7.99.

Sales tax included for deliveries to CA (8.25%) and NJ (7%).
30-Day Money back Guarantee (less s\p&h).
$1.00 WSF (Web Service Fee) added to each order.

What are YOUR thoughts about Wonder Wax? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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24 comments on “Wonder Wax Makes Hair Removal Pain Free!
  1. glamorou13 says:

    I want it!

  2. tonyantonio2 says:

    OMG that lady’s scream is so funny 0:43

  3. PixarFan8080 says:

    Where do get these actors to shave their “underarms”? lol

  4. FenderChickKimmy711 says:

    I want this too!

  5. eternalypissed says:

    i must get it

  6. trololomosher says:

    I hope it works!

  7. YametePlease says:

    It should still hurt, I mean, it hurts when you pluck your eyebrows and you’re not pulling on any skin then. Also, the tradition waxing bit was BS, it doesn’t tear off skin, it sticks to an incredibly thin layer of dead skin, pulling out the hair is the painful part.

  8. nympholepsyy says:

    my esthetician uses a kind of wax similar to this on my eyebrows since my skin there is too thin for normal wax with the paper strips. (like, it leaves bloody sores… ew.) my pain tolerance is pretty high so i can’t say how much it does or doesn’t hurt (but i know it is NOT pain-free), but i will say it’s nowhere near as effective. she has to go in and pluck hairs that the wax didn’t adhere to manually. if it doesn’t hurt, take a lot of time, or cost a lot of money, it’s too good to be true.

  9. lelechim says:

    this looks like the type of wax used at European Wax Center. it still hurts though, since your hair is being ripped out by the roots! to prevent conventional wax from doing that, just put some baby powder on your skin before waxing.

  10. EllieGouldingLuvr says:

    Ya but I can be REALLY messy

  11. John MendozaVevo says:

    can you put this on your hairy balls

  12. lilmaibe says:

    Maybe there is something in this special mixture of wax that numbs your skin for an amount of time… meaning it’s nothing i’d want to have near my body.

  13. ALviN189234 says:

    LMAO at them sounds when something goes wrong.

  14. Jenelle Santillan says:

    That looks fake

  15. AliciaMaricia says:

    is this how porn stars wax?

  16. lvvargas4 says:

    My uncle took me to wax my eyebrows they did not hurt at all

  17. LowlandLeaf148 says:

    I dont think people yell that loud when waxing.

  18. hello says:

    If you listen to the commercial the pain-free part comes from the numbing topical u put on before u start waxing

  19. hello says:

    Well not this commercial the one on tv. They added something u put on before hand

  20. Kenneth Liu says:

    No!No! is better.

  21. Nancy Crowley says:

    that link doesn’t take you to wonder wax. it’s some other brand. Don’t buy from that link.

  22. Ari J. says:

    This looks amazing

  23. DuoSigma says:


  24. RK says:

    I bought this and it is the worst. Not only did it not get all the hair off, it stuck to my skin and wouldn’t come off. Not even with the skin calmer wipes that come with it. It took a week to finally come off. It does hurt just like regular waxing. I think I will go back to my wax strips. I do not recommend this product to any one.

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