WTF Files: The Spankie!

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The Spankie

The Spankie When searching across the “As Seen On TV” landscape for new products to review we sometimes venture into strange territory. So strange in fact that some of the products qualify for the prestigious “WTF Files”. The Spankie is such a product.

So what is The Spankie? The Spankie is a blanket with sleeves with one not so subtle difference. That difference being a strategically placed flap that allows easy access to areas to places that one might have difficulty accessing with a traditional product such as a “Snuggie”.

When first watching the video the immediate assumption is that the Spankie is just a typical parody commonly found on YouTube. But a quick visit to the Official Spankie Website shows that it is in fact a real product.

Apart from the humorous, yet slightly raunchy commercial, the Spankie is a good improvement on a already great product. (I just hope they manufacturers had enough sense to omit the little penis shaped guy from the packaging when they ship them!)

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54 comments on “WTF Files: The Spankie!
  1. mrmrzoozila says:

    I hope this is not a legit comercial

  2. PhairAphrodite says:

    I haz a sad now ;_;

  3. 0HAMI says:

    hahaha =—–D best thing ever

  4. geral spiee says:


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