Zoomies Official Commercial As Seen On TV



Excerpts From The Official Zoomies Website:

See what you’ve been missing with the easy to adjust, lightweight, hands-free binocular technology of Zoomies!

Instant 300% magnification
Binocular technology in micro vision lenses
Adjust easily with a turn of the focus dial
Lightweight and hands free
Built-in sunshade cuts glare

Offer Details:
Zoomies™ are the only compact and hands-free set of binoculars! Through this special offer, you can get Zoomies™ with carrying case and lanyard for only $10.00 plus $7.95 P&H. BUT WAIT, now you can buy one set and get one set FREE! Just pay an additional $7.95 P&H.

Offer includes: 2 Zoomies™, 2 carrying cases and 2 lanyards.

State tax applies to orders from NY & CA.
**An additional $10 p&h is added for items sent to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

What are YOUR thoughts about Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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181 comments on “Zoomies Official Commercial As Seen On TV
  1. Chris McRoy says:

    I bet the makers of this will get sued for eye damage… These can’t be good in the long run for ur eyes…. Junky shit

  2. firestarter322 says:

    I’d buy a pair of Zoomies if it was more like this: /watch?v=13pL0TiOiHM

  3. DarkSamus297 says:

    @0:47 Don’t you just hate when you look through Binoculars, and your back starts to hurt?

  4. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    My Grandma got this. It doesn’t fit any of us.

  5. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    It is also a cheap plastic

  6. Luke Storey says:

    1:11 This is footage from a concert from Muse’s 2012 Arena Tour – they’re performing their song Unsustainable at that present scene… Is this not a breach of copyright? Or are they just trying to cover up the fact they’ve used footage from a Muse concert by putting a female guitarist there?

  7. Jean X says:

    Zoomies? I order one they charged me for 2 even though I said no, the shipping was about the same as one pair. The zoomies have a constrictive view I couldn’t read a book with them and they didn’t widen the tv screen. out doors looking at deers is better. I don’t like to return stuff, it’s too much trouble so I dropped them in the donation box. Jus’ sayin

  8. drexelfiend says:

    How is the hunter going to kill his prey… with his smile!?

  9. Debbie Barnes says:

    They are junk, do not buy. False advertising

  10. rob legroulx says:

    that’s what I have thought seems too go to be true

  11. Jericho Tron says:

    Freeze at 0:54Serial Killer alert!

  12. Grover BaconBones says:

    The guy at 0:54 looks like a sexual predator.

  13. kaycerae80 says:

    These comments are hilarious!!!

  14. 123BOSS789 says:

    i can see people misjudging depth and walking off a cliff or a bridge with these silly contraptions on.

  15. Eric Carpenter says:

    Jeff your awesome

  16. 2583060 says:

    300% = 3x optical magnification, which isnt that much considering most rifle scopes are at least 5x.

  17. BobBX542 says:

    Because walking around the woods wearing a pair of binoculars is neither disorienting, or unsafe. Who the fuck buys this shit??

  18. LosAngelesCal says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fred Bigman, the inventor of Zoomies.

  19. Drjekyle Hyde says:

    The phones are buzzing from perverts everywhere

  20. Amanda Bunn says:


  21. ClarkNotKent says:

    ha i googled these after watching MattG124

  22. Silver Kirkpatrick says:

    Me too x)

  23. LeBlehness says:

    Heres how to order… … … :I

  24. Berta Canivell says:

    OH MY GOD! How could I live without this?!!!! All my life has sense now… Thank you. :)

  25. Berta Canivell says:

    First of all, why the fucking grandma is so tired carrying just a pair of binoculars? Second point, the stupid couple in the lake is ended, I mean, guys just give up you are with a pair of Zoomies looking to fucking ducks… Third, the crazy blonde bitch looks like a Terminator with this…4th What the hell is watching the grandpa on the Tv??? And finally FUCK OFF this commercial is awesome…They convinced me.

  26. grandmother1n says:

    I saw that, too; it was all she could do to hold her head up, so I guess the binoculars were just too much for her, huh? But I thought too, c’mon yall, binoculars are NOT heavy.

  27. David Woolf says:

    That’s too funny

  28. Ben Affleck says:


  29. Kaya Morrison says:

    0:09 omfg that lady didn’t even put the binoculars to her damn face and she’s just like “these binoculars are so annoying” like wtf

  30. TheSnarpy says:

    I’m very happy with my Zoomies. They completely take the weight off my neck as a replacement to my heavy and costly binoculars. They truly do make every TV a big screen TV and when bird watching they allow me to move my head whatever angle I need to turn to see the bird. I recommend these to everybody. I even bought a pair for my friend who loves sewing.

  31. Silver Kirkpatrick says:

    Matt brought me here .-.

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